Feeling calm...and blue

9:56:00 AM

I tend to change my bedspread and sheets out every few weeks, just so it feels like a brand new room each time. This week I have been a bit stressed so I choose a light blue duvet to go with my mood. I love the soft blue and brown colors in the duvet. The pillows are actually from another duvet set (from ikea) that I bought while in college about 5 years ago. The room now look calm and relaxing.

Adding a decorative pillow that I got for $5!

As I was making the bed..couldnt get her off

How often do you change your duvet or bedspread?

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7 sweet notes

  1. how could you ever kick that little cutie out of the bed.. she belongs there! That set is quite striking! To answer your question.. seasonally.. fall/winter and spring/summer!

  2. oh seasonally is a great idea..since we have so many dogs..I have to change it every few weeks and i guess i like having a new look each time =)

  3. Not often enough but I love the idea of having a fresh feeling to the room. normally I end up re-arranging a space to give it a new feel. A new duvet would be a lot less work!! :-)

  4. I like that duvet cover :) We're so boring... we have a completely white bed. I occasionally get the urge to change things up a little but never know what to get.

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