Let's get organized!

10:55:00 AM

Over the weekend, I tackled my makeup drawer. It is a mess and I have been meaning to organize it forever. Somehow it went from makeup drawer to hair piece holder. I bought an organizer few months back at TJ Max for less then $10 and it's one of the best purchases I made!

Here is the before picture with all my junk.

Ta-da! Took me about an hr because I was also watching When In Rome on my laptop =)

I was really into the cleaning mood because I washed all my brushes and placing them in an brush organizer.

I also placed my lotion and daily essentials in a floral basket.

Still in clean/organizing mood , I organized my shoes!

This is where I spent my morning doing my makeup. I like natural lighting then the bathroom lighting. Notice the brushes before it was cleaned.

How do organize your makeup?

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6 sweet notes

  1. we have the same black & white tray!

  2. arent they awesome@! i love them

  3. Everything looks so pretty and organized! I love your mirror in the last pic - where is it from?

  4. Thanks mary. the mirror is from Ikea.

  5. Hi!

    I linked 2 of your photos for my blog, specifying the source (your blog, of course).
    Please let me know if I can publish it, I think your blog is so inspiring! :)

    My blog address is: http://zagara-workingirl.blogspot.com/
    I'll pubblish your photos on 7th of March, if I can.

    have a nice day!

  6. Hi! I found your blog from a pin on pinterest. I'm really interested in doing something similar with my desk drawer. What kind of drawer organizers did you use? Are these the ones that are meant for socks and underwear and you just re-purposed them? Thanks!!


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