Our newest addition

5:21:00 PM

My family is going to think I am crazy because we now have 4 dogs. 2 Chihuahuas, Yorkie, and now a Pit. I know Pit bulls have really bad rep but it really depends on how you raise them. Yoshi is really friendly, playful, and loves people. Does he look more like a lab then a pit?

Isnt it funny how a dog can change someone dramatically. My husband no longer addicted to World of Warcraft and wakes up early every morning to take Yoshi out for a walk.

4 dogs total and not counting!

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10 sweet notes

  1. Your dogs are adorable! Do they all get along? Btw I've heard of World of Warcraft but not of Watercraft yet :P

  2. haha show you how much i know about that game..oopsy typo! =D yeah my yorkie is really playful so they get along pretty well..my chihuahuas on the other hand..is kinda like whatever lol

  3. awww pitties are super cute!

  4. oh man i'm wanting a dog right now! my friends have a pit and it is seriously the most well-behaved dog i've ever known!!!

  5. yeah he is SUPER sweet. We had a pit before and he was so well behaved!

  6. I Love the color tone of these pics. Is this color tone have a name?

    Adorable pictures <3

  7. Yeah i use Totally Rad Actions from http://www.gettotallyrad.com/..hope that helps :)

  8. Hi Yvonne

    I am a new guess to your blog :D
    You are really a super women...4 dogs, one tiny baby and a big man ...how can you have enough time to take care all of them?!?



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