Wedding dress cheap and chic!

2:21:00 PM

Limited just introduced their weddings and events collection. I must say they are really simple and cute..

What do you guys think? wedding dress shown is $298 plus there is a 30% coupon avail. Bridesmaid dress is on sale for $63! Is it cheaply made you think?

{ image via Limited }

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4 sweet notes

  1. Cool concept. I certainly don't have $3,000 to pay cash for a wedding dress and financing a dress? never. ever. I'm not into long dresses though. My legs are my favorite part and on my day I want to show them off. I do like the pull through floral wrap though, paired with a simple ivory silk dress at a my hem line could really make me happy. thanks for the post.

  2. I think it's crazy that people would cough up that much for a wedding dress..that they wear for just one day. If you have them legs..definitely show them off!! =)

  3. not a fan of the style. ive seen prettier dresses at nordstrom that could be used as a wedding dress if you want to stay around the $300 price range.

  4. already giving ideas for my wedding! thx lol!


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