Long hair once again...

9:48:00 AM

Back in spring time, I made the biggest mistake of cutting my hair...let just say do not let someone touch your hair when she/he is sad and depressed! My friend did a really good job the first time around, but the second time was a complete fail! I have been putting up my hair for work for months now, bc I hate having it down. I seriously look like a boy!!!

Here is me with my long hair:

Short hair :( :(

4 months later, with help of extensions:

It feels weird having it on, but hopefully I'll get use to it.

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7 sweet notes

  1. love the long hair, I’m currently in the processes of growing out mines. I think you look great long/short hair =D

  2. I think you look great with both short/long, but I understand how you feel. Having long hair is kind of my security blanket. I've gone super short a couple times and even though I like the light-ness, I've always kind of regretted it because it's just not ME. Plus it doesn't help that short hair is not really flattering with my features and I have a boyish figure anyway... need any help I can get to look more feminine! :P

  3. thanks girls! yeah long hair is also my little comfort style. I hate looking at myself in the mirror when I have it down cuz I feel like it's not really me..I only feel myself when I have long hair...and U do not have boyish figure Petitexxs

  4. you look good with short hair but I bet it's such a hassle to style everyday tho.

  5. Thanks Jen! actually I have been putting it up everyday for about 4 months now for work so it's not hassle at all lol

  6. I think you look amazing with both but i know how you feel whenever i cut my hair short i always end up growing it back it is easier short though, hopefully it grows fast for you xo

  7. thanks girlie! i have been growing it for a year now lol


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