New Comforter Set!

10:15:00 AM

It has been months since the last time I bought a new duvet set. The last one I bought was from Hautelook and I was extremely disappointed since the fabric was cheap and rough..not to mention spending almost a $100 on it too.

I went to TJ Max over the weekend to return some stuff and found a king size lilac duvet set for only $16.99!! I was super excited because it's extremely soft and super affordable. Came home and put it straight to the washer/dryer and ta da!

As I was putting the duvet set together, it hit me that I don't have any other pillows to go with it because I tend to buy only blue/green pillows. So all I have is my Hello Kitty pillow :D

I'm pretty excited our lamp matches our set!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! If you havent voted for me for the CB2 contest, will you take just few min to do so?

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Thanks Once Upon a Tea Time for featuring our lil nest last week!

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5 sweet notes

  1. thumbs up! =) what does Huynh think about that?

  2. haha he hasnt said anything about it, I change my bedding so often that he's immune to it :D

  3. Very nice! Your place always looks so stylish... mine always get so cluttered up by so much random stuff... it's a neverending battle.

  4. Yvonne, this is a gorgeous pick!! Love the colors!
    I could have a different comforter each month:D


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