Great things are happening....

2:22:00 PM

Sorry for lacking of posting these past few weeks and browsing through other blogs :(
September is such a great month for my husband and I, Vegas, anniversary, and both of our fact today I just became a year older, but I wont say how old I am bc it's so depressing!!! :x

Over the weekend, we celebrated my birthday..and special news also O_o

There you have it, I am going to be a mom! yay!

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9 sweet notes

  1. Congratulations! It will be fun to see what adorable decor ideas you come up with for the nursery!

  2. yup yup..already thinking about changing the guestroom into a cute lil nursery!!!

  3. Happy Birthday and congratulations :)

  4. Whooo! I knew it haha as soon as I saw "special news." Congrats, girl!! Such great news.

    Btw, what camera were these pics taken on? They look fantastic even in low lighting.

  5. thanks guys!!!

    The camera for photography is Canon xsi and for the video it is Canon ti2

    are you planning on getting one? they are great! for starter, get the xsi..but ti2 cost a lil bit more but they are great!!!!

  6. Congratulations!! You look soo happy and that's definitely big news! :)

  7. aww congrats! Can't wait to see how you design a nursery ~ I'm sure it will be fabulous! :)

  8. ^^ ~ been following your blog for awhile, first time commenting..

    Congrats!! and happy birthday! You must be so excited !

    you just look so happy hehe
    and your photos are awesome + you dont look old at all~

    keep updating us~


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