Oy it's Monday already

9:42:00 PM

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. My weekend went by too fast and looking forward to next weekend already. I went to a wedding, who happens to be awesome graphic designer..all the designs on the pix below, she designed them herself.

I am at 16 weeks prego but you cant really tell that im prego at all. I am a weird stage where people are wondering if I'm pregnant or if I'm just food happy lately lol

I actually have short hair, so I am wearing Euronext Remy Clip extensions in Jet black

the pix are not greatest quality since I didnt bring my DSLR :(

Congrats to the beautiful couple!

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5 sweet notes

  1. Food happy lol... my friend used to like to play tricks on people like that, even when she was obviously showing... people get so mortified when they think they just called someone fat :P

  2. I always motivated by you, your opinion and attitude, again, appreciate for this nice post.

    - Norman

  3. i can't believe you are preggers and that you have short hair!! haha you look SO good yvonne!

  4. you look absolutely gorgeous! by the way your pictures are really pretty :)
    drey jewelry.


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