Stylist Friday

10:27:00 AM

Ok so I know that it's too early on to be looking at baby clothes..since I am only 3 months prego but just cant help it! heck I dont even know if it's a boy or a girl yet! Found this cute adorable picture of this lil cute girl through via creamylife facebook, pinterest. This is how i would dress my lil girl if were having a minime :) we'll find out in couple weeks :D

how cute is she???!!! she's so stylist!

via my rocking wardrobe

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3 sweet notes

  1. congrats yvonne! am sure whether boy or girl, they'll be as stylo as the mommy! wishin u a wonderful pregnancy & trust it'll be a fantastic journey for both u n your hubby. take good care dear!

  2. congrats! btw those images are from Zara kids =) their clothes are sooo adorable! i'm afraid i will end up spoiling my future mini-mi. lol

  3. wow, those images are super adorable!!!! i'm sure you will have a successful pregrancy : )


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