Goodbye September, Hello October!

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September will always hold a special place in my heart. My husband and I both celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary and also our 7th year of knowing each other..on top of that, both of our birthdays are in September too! This September we shared the news to our friends that we will adding a bundle of joy this coming spring but then had to let go of our pitlab, Yoshi. It was such hard decision for my husband and I, but we know he is with a great people who will love him.

For my birthday my husband got me new lens for my Canon DSLR camera!! I absolutely love it so far because now I can take more pictures and create more memories for the upcoming days, months, years.

So I took some close pictures of my three lil monsters }}:: My laidback long coat chihuahuas, Jet and Miko

The very outgoing Coco

The new lens I got is the Canon 50mm 1.8 if you are wondering :)

Have a great weekend everyone! Cant wait to see what October has in store for us! You know I will be dressing up my three lil monsters for halloween :D

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6 sweet notes

  1. Hey, I just got that lens too! :)

    I don't have my camera yet {ordered it online and have about 2 more week 'til it's shipped}, so let me know how you like the lens!

  2. OoOo I am sure u will love the camera! the only downfall is you can not zoom with the new lens

    I heard the Canon DSLR is amazing. How fun!!!
    Happy Monday Yvonne!

  4. so STINKIN CUTE!!

    i was just shoppign on etsy today for some new doggy wardrobe for fall!

    thanks for your sweet comment today.


  5. those are the cutest photos ever! Your blog is heavenly! Congratulations on your little bundle! xx


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