::{ Oh BOY!!! or GIRL??? }::

10:18:00 AM

Last Friday, my husband and I found out the sex of our baby and we are sooo excited!!! Just for fun..can you guess the sex of the baby by looking at the ultrasound pix? honestly I still had to ask my husband after the appointment where the heck is the baby's butt on the first image!!! :D

and our baby's full body..we got to hear the heartbeat!!

After finding out the sex our baby, we did a lil trip up to Northern Virginia with some friends

Here I am with hubby..at 5 months!!!Have a great weekend everyone!!

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5 sweet notes

  1. Girl! I see a hamburger. I think :) I'm terrible with ultrasounds.

  2. how exciting - and congrats on your baby!! im guessing a girl. :)

    enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. ahhhh!! so sweet! i guessed a girl!!!
    so excited for you yvonne! why do you look SO tiny still?! loving all these pics!

  4. hi yvonne, thanks for stopping by our site..and congrats on the baby!


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