{ Happy Wedding! }

10:14:00 AM

Happy anniversary to my brother and his lovely wife. A year ago they got married in small ceremony in South Dakota. I remember it was extremely cold there, only 20-30 degrees! I was their wedding photographer, her makeup artist, invites designer, and her floral helper :D it was such a beautiful traditional Vietnamese wedding.

Hubby and I at the wedding

Just weeks before the wedding, dad bought me my first Canon SLR camera, so I was very clueless on how to use it. Glad he got it for me cuz now I love it!

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4 sweet notes

  1. Wow you did a great job! Everything looks fantastic, including the photos! Seems like pink ao dai is the color of choice for a lot of Viet brides :)

  2. Yeah it is..I noticed you wore pink also..and I did too :D

  3. happy anniversary to them!! looks like their wedding was soo beautiful!!!

  4. you look gorgeous and the pictures just look amazing :)
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