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Only 20 more days until Christmas!!!!! Christmas is my favorite time of the year so I like to get into the spirit by decorating the house with cute lil fun christmas decor. I took some small unwanted boxes and a book and wrapped it up for a for a nice lil touch for our expedit bookcase.

{after: I can save it for next year for decor too!}

{sitting nicely on the bookcase}

I got some artificial berries to add a pop of colors to the gold branches

Our entry way with a pop of green ornaments

I went to Michaels over the weekend and got some create your own ornaments too.

These were extremely fun to decorate and pretty easy too! Michaels is having 50% on most of their Christmas Decor so it was also a cheap lil project. I cant wait for our baby girl to be born so she can join me with all these fun projects during the holidays!!

Oh and lil baby updates: We ordered our stroller and our dogs thinks that it's theirs. Miko (chihuahua) jumped on it like it was for him :D Hubby wanted to take them all out for a spin around the neighborhood but we didnt want our neighbors to think were weird lol

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5 sweet notes

  1. you did such a great job decorating! by the way, i'm happy to stumble across your gorgeous blog! :)

  2. ahhhhh i LOOOOVE your home so much girl!! and those ornaments are soooooo cute!!! i may just have to include them in my roundup this friday!! ;)

  3. Thanks lady!!

    @sandy..yeah i love my new ornaments!! so much fun to do !

  4. Those ornaments are amazing!! the gift wrap...totally great idea to decorate with. I love it.

  5. Such a good idea with the boxes! You are so creative!

    Pretty wrapping paper. Your doggies are so cute!


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