Glimpse of our Christmas

3:36:00 PM

Although this Christmas, we couldn't make it home for Christmas since I am not suppose to be traveling, it was nice to having good friends around. Here is a lil glimpse of our Christmas dinner get together with our friends.

Jam filled Butter Cookies, got recipe from Allrecipes

We had lumpia and Vietnamese Egg rolls..yummy!

Here I am showing my 7 month belly ^_^

The girls, the guys were too shy to take pix :D

Happy holidays!

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5 sweet notes

  1. eveything looks so good! i'm inlove with your design& decor <3

  2. Everything looks great and the food looks delish!
    You look absolutely gorgeous with your 7 months belly!!! Beautiful!!

  3. those jam filled cookies! i'm sure they can't be too hard to make?! i'll have to try one day.

  4. thanks ladies

    Yes the jam filled cookies were SUPER easy!!!

  5. WOW!!! so much good food!! looks like it was beautiful celebration!! btw, i was wondering what kind of post processing you do to your photos, i love the look and feel girl!!


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