{ Nursery Prints }

12:59:00 PM

Preview of some pieces I did for our nursery. To keep the consistency throughout the room, I use the same color scheme that we will be using for the nursery. So far we like the name Kaylee but we are not 100% sure if this is name we will be naming her just yet. Got about few more months to decide :)

So far Hubby painted one wall in the nursery, I wish it was all done so I can start doing all the fun stuff with the room. Argh Im so impatient! lol

BTW-When I was designing these, I was very inspired by Madebygirl and Penny People Designs prints.

{ Hope everyone had a great weekend, I had a 3 day weekend so It was kinda hard to get back to work this morning }

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7 sweet notes

  1. ahhh these are soo super cute! and i LOVE the name kaylee, it's very pretty!!

  2. cute prints! i totally adore the color scheme. =)

  3. I just love the owl print... super cute! x

  4. Hi, just want to let you know that the ABC print is missing an "L" Just thought I'd point that out for you :) Love the prints!

  5. haha OMG thanks for pointing that out! I rearranged it so many times and didnt even realize it!! O_o

  6. You are so talented!
    love the colors and the NAME KAYLEE!

  7. soo cute! how's everything going? you're almost due! OMG how exciting!!


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