Happy Friday!

11:15:00 AM

Happy Friday everyone! I get to leave early today since I have my weekly doctor appointment, so leaving early on a Friday afternoon is always nice!

Today I entered our company dog picture contest of Coco. This picture was taking couple months ago after we found out the sex of the baby..here she is with her tilted head making an announcement :)

Coco actually won a dog contest last year with this picture of her chillaxin on the bed

What does the winner get this year you may ask? Bragging rights and her picture in the foyer for a week :D

Have a splendid weekend everyone..look out for our reveal of the nursery next week!!! ickkk im excitedddd!!!!!!

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7 sweet notes

  1. what an adorable announcement pic! can't wait for the reveal of the nursery!

    for some reason i thought you lived in the west coast so glad you are in the east coast! yay! passed through VA last summer whilst on a road trip.

    anyhoo, have a loveLee weekend friend!


  2. these are some beautiful photos of your dog yvonne! can't wait to see the photos you take of your baby!! ;)

  3. too cute - love the announcement!!!
    congratulations, sweetie!!

  4. congrats on the baby news and these absolutely adorable dog photos. love'em!

  5. coco is so cute!! i bet she'll win :) congrats on the baby girl too! <3


  6. aww too cute!

    Question: What lens and settings did you use to shoot that last pic? I can never seem to make the background blurry/faded enough!

  7. I think the last pic I use a regular lense that came with the camera but I just focus lense on Coco (yorkie)


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