Korean bbq!

9:54:00 PM

I love LOVE Korean food. I would love to travel to Korea some day just to pig out and eat all the yummy food there. Baby girl has been craving for korean bbq this week so I thought why not try to make some. It was super easy and hubby thought that it was pretty good too!

You can get the sauce at any asian grocery and season it for 30 min with some beef ribs. I think it's better if it's grilled but I cooked over the stove. Turned out pretty good and tasty.

Ooh and here is a baby bump picture :D Hubby and I are getting ready this week for the arrival of our baby girl. Im packing for the hospital right now and working half days all this week. I have a feeling she may come end of this week or early next week. I am super duper nervous, scared, and of course excited too. If you dont hear from me for awhile, you'll know where I'll be :0)

{ I love my new scarf! }

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7 sweet notes

  1. Mmh...yummy...now I'm hungry!
    Aw - you look amazing! Can't wait to meet that cutie! xxx

  2. mmm, looks delish!

    aww how exciting that your baby girl is almost here!

    p.s. you are the cutest, most fashionable little pregnant woman EVER! :)

  3. oh my goodness that korean bbq looks amazing! you look more amazing though yvonne! eeeeeeeeee baby is almost here!!!!!!! so exciting! :O

  4. aw i LOVE korean bbq!! i would LOVE to visit korea sometime just to have it there!! i can't wait for your baby's arrival!!! sooo excited for you!!!!!

  5. Your Korean BBQ pic got me drooling! Can't believe your baby girl is almost here!!

  6. I can't believe it's almost time already! I hope everything goes smoothly and can't wait to see pics of the newest member of your family! :)

  7. allrighty, time's getting closer. have a safe delivery and can't wait to see pics of the baby girl!


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