Preview of Nursery

11:11:00 PM

I can finally say that our nursery is ALMOST done! So proud of hubby for all the hard work he put into it, and I'm sure our baby girl will love it. Will post more pix of the nursery when it is 100% done! Here is a lil preview }

We had our baby shower over the weekend and I can't wait to share some pictures too! I have never been to a baby shower before so it was an awesome experience to go to my very own. stay tuned!

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7 sweet notes

  1. Oh, it's abolutely beautiful! Perfect!
    Hugs xxx

  2. So adorable, girl! I love everything (:

  3. oooh! I can't wait to hear all about it! And especially see the decorations? I bet you did an aaaahmaaazing job and then some! ;)

  4. it looks so good already! and the 'Baby Love', love it.

  5. oh, i can't wait for the final reveal! i can tell it's going to be beautiful with the simplyvonne touch!

    happy valentine's day!

  6. this is so cute it makes my heart hurt! eeeee baby i'm so excited to see you!! :)

  7. Oh what a happy and welcoming room your baby will have!! It must have been fun to decorate!!! Good to see you've got a Sophie giraffe waiting for her :)


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