A Surprise Baby Shower } At work!!!

9:48:00 AM

I have to say this week has the best week ever! Over the weekend, my friend threw me a gorgeous baby shower with our close friends. If you havent seen the pictures, they are pretty awesome with sweet details! I still cant get over it!! oh it's not over yet, at work my Manager and co-workers threw me a surprise lunch baby shower!! My mouth dropped to the floor when I walked into the restaurant filled with lovely faces all waiting for me. I seriously feel so loved this week!

I wish I had put on a lil makeup that morning and wear something cute because I barely had any sleep that day and was running late for work O_o

We played games, had cake, good food, awesome presents, and best of all great people!
{ Check out my other baby shower }

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5 sweet notes

  1. both your baby showers look amazing! i hope everything goes well for you as you near the end of your pregnancy :) beautiful blog x

  2. Aww! What a thoughtful surprise from your coworkers :)

    It's easy to tell that they love ya!

  3. how fun!! I am three months prego! Looking forward to a shower already! haha. You look great!

  4. awwww....what a loveLee surprise! i bet it was so much fun! yay for surprise baby showers!

    happy friday sweet pretty mom to be!



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