Hello Yellow

6:06:00 PM

It is that time again, SPRING CLEANING! Been so busy that I have been putting off cleaning up the house. Hoping to get the house all sparkling clean by next week. So inspired lately by the color yellow!

via pinterest

via Kaylee's nursery

On the other note, I haven't been able to blog this week because my loving parents flew in from South Dakota on Tuesday to visit us and to attend Kaylee's 1st month ceremony this coming Sunday.

Here's grandma with Kaylee

Daddy loves Kaylee

Kaylee at Week 3 looking like a lil doll

Have a great weekend my friend!

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11 sweet notes

  1. my new favorite color is yellow and it has to be the color of the year! it's everywhere and i did major spring cleaning today. not done yet but it feels really good to have tackled half of what needs to be spring cleaned!

  2. i adore yellow - so i love all of these images!!!

    and those last few pics are too precious!

  3. wow! She's growing so fast, isn't she? Looking like an angel! Happy First Month anniversary, Kaylee!

    Have fun with that spring cleaning, it looks like you'll be up for some yellow to ;) thanks for the inspiring images, now I will consider yellow for my home too! (I've been on orange for few years already, maybe it's time for a change, eh?)

  4. I love all the beautiful yellow....so lovely <3 Have a great weekend!


  5. grandma and kaylee! melted my heart...

  6. Yvonne,
    Kaylee is a complete doll! Wow, so beautiful! It looks like you are having so much fun with her. I can't wait to have my baby in my arms!

    Have a wonderful Sunday with your family!

  7. I guess you will want to add a facebook icon to your blog. Just marked down this article, but I had to make this by hand. Just my $.02 :)

  8. i am loving all the pops of yellow!!

  9. This is all so pretty!



  10. Hi Yvonne,
    I just found you through Made by Girl! I was hoping to share your nursery photos on my blog, http://www.spearmintbaby.com/

    Can you email me @ spearmintbaby@gmail.com if this would be ok.
    Thanks :)) shari

  11. ooo those stairs are awesome.. but more importantly she is the cuuuuuutest little one oh my goodness!


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