Kaylee's Photoshoot with DCPG Photography:Design

10:43:00 PM

Today is suppose to be my due date but since Kaylee decided to join us a little bit early, we thought it would be cool to do her newborn photoshoot today to make it more special. We went with the DCPG Photography and Design since we have worked with them before and they are super awesome people! Luckily Kaylee was so good today, and wasnt cranky at all.

Here is just a preview of the shoot today } more to come and will definitely post it up once we receive them.

Here are some behind the scenes with the DCPG }
Ok so I sneaked some pictures in while they were shooting her because I couldn't help it :D

How to keep a baby from being cranky?
a space heater! Daddy holding space heater to keep baby Kaylee nice and warm :)

She slept through the whole thing!

Here are some pictures I sneaked in :D

Kaylee's next photoshoot with the DCPG is in 3 months! Cant wait for that and for the rest of the pictures from today session.

Proud mama to such a beautiful girl! :D >

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14 sweet notes

  1. mama and baby are so pretty!! she is gorgeous - and you look uh-mazing!!!

    i loved seeing the "behind the scenes" of the photoshoot. i had no clue about the space heater. sooo interesting!

  2. The photos are Beautiful!! 

  3. whoaaa! You look so good! Being a mom suits you wonderfully! As for your little treasure - she's adorable! I have a soft spot for first weeks photos! Nothing can ever top that!

  4. She is so adorable! Wonderful photos! So gorgeous! You look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yvonne! These are fantastic photos. You look great, Kaylee is toooo cute!

  6. those pictures are super adorable and you look fantabulous for having just had a baby!

  7. Oh sweet Kaylee and happy mommy! Kaylee is obviously super cute, but it's nice to see you just glowing, Yvonne!

  8. oh my goodness! that photo of her in the cabinet is TOO cute!!!

  9. I've never seen photos of the backstage scene of baby photos! This looks so awesome and adorable. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. aww how cute! And that space heater idea is GENIUS!

    The last pic is my all-time fav ~ precious! :)

  11. get out! yvonne, these are so precious! kaylee is such a beauty! so so beautiful!


    She is so beautiful (just like her mother)!
    These are precious. ^.^

  13. OMG! Kaylee is the cutest, most adorable little girl ever! Love all the photos, too cute :)
    I just came across your blog and I must say I love it!
    xoxo Marie


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