I want to be a kid again...

9:46:00 AM

I posted this picture of this cute lil model from Zara kids back in September..

Just saw that she's modeling for this Spring Lookbook for Zara again! How ADORABLE is she?! I love the hot pink outfit with the black hat. I just want to pick her up and put her in my pocket! Cant wait until Kaylee is a little bit older so I can dress her up like her.


Oo and here is a pix of me when I was 5

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6 sweet notes

  1. i've seen this lil' model around blog world - she is sooooo cute! totally want to dress my future kids in cute clothes like that one day.

  2. She's really adorable. If only I can be that fashionable. Hmmm, yup, planning to dress up my future kid like her too!

  3. Me too please! She is SO adorable and the styling is beyond fabulous. I would wear all of these gorgeous outfits, LOVE!! I'm sure that your daughter will have amazing style! xx veronika

  4. i'm sure kaylee will be looking just like that little model girl. i can see you dressing her up just like that! too cute!...still working on sending off that gift to her. i've been so busy!

  5. She's precious and you looked so much like her when you were young! I can only imagine what precious Kylee would look like growing up!

  6. This kiddo is the sweatest! and so are/were you! ^^ Maybe I one day dare to share some little me photos ^^ x


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