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12:44:00 PM

I have always appreciated everything my parents have done for me, putting me through college and guided me to the right direction but now being a parent myself, I appreciate them even more! Words cant really describe how truly amazing my parents are.

My parents were in town for two weeks visiting and now that they left, the house is so quiet without them, my chihuahua was running around yesterday looking for my mom..poor dog

The weather has been cold and cloudy lately but we did manage to take them to the beach when it was nice and sunny for one day. It was baby Kaylee first time at the beach too!

Have a wonderful Tuesday my friend! off to take care of baby Kaylee :)

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12 sweet notes

  1. Gorgeous photos. Your baby is so precious. How fun to have the parentals in town:)

  2. Beautiful pictures! My father always says that once I have my own children I'll understand all that they have done for me that I think ain't fair but as I've gotten older I have come to appreciate even those times when I've hated them for not letting me do what I wanted to, sounds like you have a lovely family, hope someday I'll have a cute baby like yours!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  3. how sweet! your little one is definitely cute!

    i am your newest follower

    Just Better Together

  4. Beautiful pictures! Love them! And she is such a cutie! I bet your parents are very proud grandparents!!! Hugs xxx

  5. Hi Yvonne, I love your blog! Plus you take awesome photos!

  6. Oh my goodness! You and your little family are so cute! I'm sure it was nice to have your parents around with a new baby!

  7. Aww, first day at the fun! How cool it is to understand the love your parent has for you now that you are a parent. And now you can fully appreciate what they do/did for you (: I can't wait for that one day!

  8. ohh my goshhh YOU ARE SOOO CUTE! your family is beautiful...and your baby! ahhh! so happy i just stumbled on your blog!

  9. What a nice visit from your parents :) Being a parent now must put into perspective all the sacrifices and hard work your parents invested in you and your siblings. I hope I become a parent in the future and get to experience those same feelings!

  10. your parents are absolutely adorable!


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