Today I am loving...

10:08:00 AM

I love how her dress is so elegant and look beautifully on her..Perfection!!

This is so cute! via

Planning on making something like this for Kaylee's headband for her photoshoot via

This is so out of my element, but I love this! via

Christian Louboutin in royal blue with crystals! wow!$3095!!!

I got up at 5am this morning to get ready for work so of course I had to watch to the royal wedding. Took a pix of Kaylee watching it too so I can show it to her when she's older :D

Have a great weekend everyone!

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11 sweet notes

  1. i am in love with that dress, too. i don't think she could have picked any better.

  2. I'm loving all the things on your list... specially the stunning gown.
    I just wrote a post about it (i know, i know... i think I might just be obsessed hehe)

  3. gee wiz do I love her dress. And yes, I just said "gee wiz"

  4. i LOVE peacock feathers! I need to have more bright blue in my life.

    Cute cute cute bog! I am glad that I stumbled upon it!

  5. A beautiful blog you have!
    I´m so glad I found you!
    Love this wonderul dress from Kate!

  6. i completely forgot about the wedding and panicked when i woke up at 5:50 bummed that i had missed the beginning. well, thankfully my parents have TIVO so while we're in CA in june i will get to watch it. funny, how i have to wait till june. we don't have tivo : (. and yes, i love her dress!

  7. Oh, that dress! sigh! it was wonderful, really fit for a princess! Sarah did an amazing job designing that dress, I'm sure Lee is so proud of her! The world was in awe about what the house of McQueen can do!

  8. Oh, Kate is such a pretty girl and she made a beautiful bride! Loved watching it all unfold yesterday :)

    Cute peacock finds...those shoes really captured my heart :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  9. I think she was quite the stunning bride BUT I must add that your daughter Kaylee (+ your blog) are absolutely beautiful :) I'll definitely be back!


  10. That couch is incredible! Almost as perfect as Kate's dress!


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