{ Let's Get Personal }

8:20:00 AM

One thing I love about Kaylee's nursery is that we like to put some personal touches into the decorations. Most of the artwork in her room I designed them myself, and hubby helped too of course.

I found the shadow box from Ross so had to include all the cute baby cards (that could fit) into the box.

I love the White Ribba Ikea frames!

Baby girl is my lil sunshine!

Love the K that I found at Michaels for couple dollars!

Oo so it's Wednesday, were halfway there to the weekend! btw Did you know that Starbucks is having happy hour until May 15th on all their Frap??? My new favorite is the Mocha Coconut Frap! Try it and let me know if your addicted to it like me!

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11 sweet notes

  1. those are all adorable! love the one with her name and the owls! and i, too, and a huge ribba frame fan. love them!

  2. Epps...these personal touches are amazing...and so grounding! I can see some of them {like her Kaylee name picture and that shadow box} carry over as momentos long into her adult life {not that I am trying to fast forward life or anything!}.

    You have a great eye :) Kayleee is one lucky little bit of sunshine!

    xx Cat

  3. i love how happy and personal her space is!! :)

  4. She is so blessed to have an awesome mom like you! I hope I can do the same when I have a little one, love your design and work, as always <3

  5. What sweet style you have!

  6. oooh I love all of these little personal touches! what a lovely room for your little one. :)

  7. just stumbled upon your blog....love these little nursery decorations! so adorable :)

  8. Gosh, those are insanely cute!! This is my first visit to your blog; love it! Come by and say hi!

  9. Oooh those are all so adorable! You did such a good job decorating, I'm jealous!

    I bought a bunch of prints for my son's nursery and never got around to putting them up. Yeah, he's two now and we're slowing replacing the "baby" stuff with the trucks and trains and basketballs. :( I guess we can save those prints for baby #2!

  10. i totally took full advantage of the happy hour and my favorite is the coconut mocha too! bummed that it's over because i can't seem to get myself to spend full price on it after being spoiled with the half price : ).


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