No hubby Needed!

5:55:00 PM

To take photos of my outfit that is..but I still need his help with laundry, dishes, cleaning etc :D...I just got myself a tripod and I'm loving it. Hubby is pretty good with taking my photos but he is usually not thrilled about it. Plus I can do whole bunch of weird poses with a tripod and not get the "my wife is weird" look on his face.

1.2.3 testing testing..yup it's working a long with my awesome remote control!
Kaylee and I are going to have so much fun doing photoshoot together!!

My outfit for today, HM dress along with Loft cardigan.

This weekend, we are doing a photoshoot with Kaylee's newborn photographer } DCPG! I am super excited since were doing a fruit theme. It's going to be COLORFUL shoot! You'll see why next week! If you haven't seen here Kaylee newborn photoshoot, check them out here.

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  1. Ok, now I need to get a tripod. I hate taking pics with my point and shoot when the hubs isn't there to do it. Love that dress by the way.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog while browsing and now im your new follower :)

    You have a 3 month old and you look so amazing! love how you've decorated and styled everything. Can see your personality come through in every little detail.

    Little K is adorable!
    Happy clicking...

  3. You look beautiful!! Love that dress!! Your sweet baby is so precious in her little hat!!

  4. Tripods are so much fun! I avoided getting a tripod for the longest time, but it's just so much easier. And yeah, my husband hates taking my pictures for me, so it's a nice break for him. :)

    I wish I had thought of getting a tripod earlier so I could have had more pictures of my son and I. I'm usually the photographer in the family (not a good one, I just always have the camera) so it's always pictures of baby or baby+daddy and none of me. :(

  5. aww..your baby girl is so cute! I recently became a mommy too and my baby girl is 5 months old now. Motherhood is awesome and I am loving every moment of it:)

  6. Love your sweet photos and the tripod idea is pretty much genius ... hello, a remote?!?!? How convenient is that!

    Happy weekend!

    xx Cat brideblu

  7. Hi tripod twin! I'm glad you're loving yours. And it's really good to know it can support a bigger camera like your DSLR (info for me if I ever upgrade, hehehe).

    Looking forward to pictures from Kaylee's fruit shoot!

  8. Lovely dress, very summer-y.

    For some reason I hate my tripod, probably it is too cheap but I didn't think it mattered until recently :(. Can't wait to see more cute pics. I know she us going to be soooooo adorable.

  9. Kaylee's room is soo gorgeous, i hope im that creative for when i have a baby in the future =] and this post made me giggle with the whole husband giving wife the weird look thing.. hehe cute! P.s hope everything goes well with the photo shoot!

  10. Oh my, your little one is adorable pretty like her momma.


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  12. lol! i just got a remote control for my camera too for our family pics!

  13. you look soo good for just having a baby!! your outfit is adorbs!!


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