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Halloween is just around the corner and I am really excited about Halloween this year! I think being a mother simply changes everything, the things that you never get giddy over is now something you look forward to.  What are you dressing up as this year? I having been looking religiously at pinterest to find the perfect halloween costumes for Kaylee, and I think this year I going to try to make it! Although we have no plans for Halloween since it's on a Monday, it'll be fun to dress up to take pictures and for memories.

Here is hubby and I back in 2009, Hubby was in the Navy for 8 years so we used his old uniform

This was just last year and I was 5M pregnant with Kaylee. I didnt feel like buying a costume since I was so big and didn't want to spend the money. 
you cant see my 5M bump since Im wearing all black

For all the fashionista you'll love this costume! I want to make this for Kaylee when she's a bit older =D Chanel Purse Halloween Costume! How brilliant and how adorable is this little girl! 

you can see more photos on Therese's blog!

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12 sweet notes

  1. Cute costumes! I'm so excited for Halloween this year.

  2. Awww you make an adorable navy girl! This is the first year I am not dressing up, I was a bollywood star last year! The little chanel bag is too cute :)

  3. OMG.. The little Chanel Bag girl is just too cute for words! And you are soo cute.. Loved the cat hairdo and makeup!

  4. Love seeing your costumes and almost died when I saw the chanel (girl) bag. Hello - what an awesome costume! I actually might have to steal the photo and post it on facebook because everyone knows how much I love chanel and that picture is priceless!!

    My costume got stolen :( ordered it early and nothing here, disappeared from my front door. So out of ideas and so busy with work. Oh well.

    Can't wait to see what Kaylee is!

  5. The costumes look amazing. And look at the little bag girl. She is ADORABLE!

  6. Darling, you were the cutest sailor girl EVER! Love the matching outfits with the hubs :)

  7. OMG..I die! That Chanel costume is beyond adorable.

  8. Omigosh Yvonne, how fun is this post? I can tell that Halloween is going to be a blast in your household. Last year, i went to work (and you'll laugh when you read this) as a french maid. Like, the kind of outift that you find at an adult store- but i wore leggings with it to make it work appropriate. And i was the only one that dressed up. So let's just say that i won't make that mistake this year :)

  9. You make a really lovely sailor girl to your navy hubby.

    I can't decide what I wanna be this year. It's coming too soon.

  10. I love to see all the creative costumes at halloween. Can't wait to see what Kaylee's going to be!
    And the purse costume is adorable! (Wish I had a litlte girl!!)

  11. love the sailor outfits! you two are so cute and i can totally see you putting kaylee in that halloween costume when in a couple of years ; ).

  12. HAHAHAH! Love the channel purse outfit for your little girl! That just made my day!



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