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Home is where the heart is, and that's where my heart will always be. Having my own family, I truly understand the concept of family and how precious and valuable my family is. I never lost that concept, but makes me even more appreciative of my parents and siblings. Being home for a week with my family definitely warm my heart after two years being away from home. I am forever grateful of them and love them all to pieces!

Baby K with my mom and dad. Last time they saw her, she was just 1M old!
My brother with his wife and baby girl, Vivian

Baby K and I with my two beautiful nieces
The two babies of our household!

My oldest sister

My youngest sister who is a fashion journalist for 605magazine back in South Dakota. I just want to share what she wrote about my dad.

Broken at so many times, obstacles from the Vietnam war, my dad had the path of death ahead of him when he was captured an imprisioned fromt the War, had two options. 1. Die. 2. or try to wait and live and hopefully the war will be over. (little hope) 
He choose option 2. Bullet wounds, skin and bones, malnourished, and a broken spirit. My mom was raising at the time 5 siblings, my brother passed away somewhere in his twenties. Has two beautiful children and today they are 21 and 16. Phuc Tran, and Hanh Tran, Together the names mean ( Hanh Phuc: Happiness) My family came to America, 20 years ago. A Dream to give a life that their children will have everything that they never got growing up. Esther, my other super hero, my "grandma" She helped my family, with lots of language barriers, our family had nothing. Blessed, and I think about her everyday. Thank you Esther, my angel.
Anyways, my family came with a dream, America. A land of opportunities. I wasn't born yet. Still in my Mommy's tummy. I didn't know that in my mom's tummy that what I was going to face was a life that most people back in my country would die for. I want to keep this short, but I could literally write a novel about my parents.

They came from nothing, aboslutely nothing.

Wanted to give their children a home, food, and education.

Growing up, I didn't understand.. I was born and raised in SD, not a lot of asians. "Why can't I be white like all the other kids." Didn't fit in and didnt' want to do anything with my culture.
I laugh now, I am so grateful to have my strong Vietnamese culture, so BLESSED.
Anyways, back to my parents, they had nothing, gave up everything for their children. ABSOLUTE everything for their kids. My parents are getting old and sick, still working.. 65, and 70, but why? because I'm in college. That's why I have mulitple jobs, "RETIRE MOM AND DAD, I'M FINE!" This simply showcases that my life growing up was the best ever because not of my material things, but rather parents who simplied just ... loved me.

My inspiration in life. My heros. I will always, ALWAYS, love them and to one day.. One day.. look at an audience crowd and share my story.

You can check out her blog here!

Thank you for visiting and reading!

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  1. What great family pictures. You and your sisters all look alike...beautiful! I love the picture of baby K with her little cousin and they are both holding their cute litte headbands in their hands.

    Oh and the story your sister wrote...what a tribute to your parents!! It makes me think of my parents and their sacrifices so that their children could have better lives. Did you know my parents almost left me behind in Vietnam??! I often think of what my life would have been like if they did! ha!

  2. Beautiful story, Yvonne! I feel the same way about my parents. Even though I had a pretty smooth transition from Vietnam to the U.S, my family still struggled at the beginning. My parents had to work 2,3 jobs so my siblings and I could go to college full-time. My Dad is still working even though he is in his 70s. I am very fortunately that I live very close to them. All it takes is 15 minutes drive to see my parents. I am glad you got to spend time with your family. Enjoy your week!

  3. i'm glad you were able to spend lots of time with your family. i know it must have been hard to leave : (. i love your sisters story. what a wonderful way to honor your parents!

  4. Very well written! Its so hard to think what our lives would have been if not for our parents!
    Lovely photos.. glad you had a good time back home!

  5. Yvonne you have an absolutely beautiful family and an extended one at that :) Your little one will enjoy growing up with a big family.

    Belated Thanksgiving!

  6. such a beautiful family - like you! and that HK hat totally caught my attention...i love it! it's sooo cute!

  7. This is a beautiful post. Your family is absolutely beautiful!

  8. awww the two babies together pic is soo cute!!! i can't wait for my baby to be born and for him to meet his cousins ehhe!!

  9. gosh, im obsessed with how sparkly her eyes are! i love your posts when you share family photos :)

  10. These are such heart warming photographs and such a blessed family you have.

    Your sister's story about your parents is very beautiful. I have this great desire to write a book about my mum and her story of how she fled Vietnam after the war on a boat. My mum is my hero.

    I'm glad you had a very memorable and fun time with your family :)

  11. I'm so glad you had a great time visiting fam over the holidays! My favorite pic was the two babies looking at one another. SO SO CUTE!

    What a tribute to your dad *bows down to your sister* I think oftentimes we take our parnets for granted (especially growing up). But the older we get, the more we appreciate everything that they've sacrificed for us. Thank you (and your sister) for reminding me of that :)

  12. Yvonne: I am happy for you that you got to see and spend time with your parents (minus the difficult traveling part with a little one). Your dad's story is a heart wrenching one, I can't imagine all the nightmares he went through during wartime. I hope you get to see them more often so little K gets to know her grandparents more and more.

  13. What a great story! Your photos are so beautiful! I love the baby ones - they are too cute!

  14. Lovely photos and the two girls and you two sisters all look alike!

    I read your sister's story about your family and Dad, amazing and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing.

    It isn't until we are adults that we appreciate our background :) growing up you just want to be like everyone else. Lovely post Yvonne.

  15. Yvonne, thank you for sharing the story of your family's journey to come to America. Similarly in the late 30s my mom's parents had to flee China Mainland due to the communist revolution. My grandfather at the time was a powerful congressman with 10 kids and high on the list for execution. He had to frantically flee the country and they settled in Hong Kong, Macau and then finally in Taiwan. You have brave parents who would give their children everything they can, and I know you will do the same for Kaylee.

  16. Yvonne,
    This is an incredible tribute to your parents. I can only imagine how they value everything in their life. We can learn so much from those who have suffered much.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post!

  17. Such a beautiful story, Yvonne. I also love your sister's article about your dad. I am also a Vietnamese immigrant, so I really can relate! It was hard for us when we first moved here. It took us years to build what we have now. We are grateful for everything and savor each day...I'm so glad you wrote this. I love reading stories about Vietnamese Americans and their hardships in Vietnam. BTW, great pictures, as always. Keep up the great work! :)

  18. Wow, this is all truly beautiful. And what a beautiful family you have. It's so wonderful that you got to spend time with them.

  19. Yvonne - WOW! Thank you for sharing more about your family, and the very special story of trial and triumph that your dad experienced. Your family is a testament to your parents' sacrifices :)


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