Our Little Weekend

9:44:00 AM

I spent all day yesterday getting ready for spring, did some major cleaning and it feels great to be able to see clean carpet again! With three dogs and a baby crawler, we have to steam vacuum our house all the time and it's so much work dragging that streamer around! 

My in between snack while cleaning, strawberries dipped with Nutella, way way better then chocolate, i promise!

Not looking glamorous but we took our babies out for a walk right after cleaning so I didn't feel like changing.

She is loving the new stroller we got her for the summer, mostly because she thinks she is walking the dogs :D. 

Pretty flowers on our walk.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! So glad to be able to have a nice clean house now! Did you guys do any spring cleaning?

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7 sweet notes

  1. Doesn't it feel good when the cleaning is DONE and you feel a great sense of accomplishment?!! Especially when you can see the carpet again!

    We are still spring cleaning and will be doing so for the next month!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. It was raining here so we haven't try our spring clean yet. I love the photo of Kaylee laughing. She is too adorable.

  3. hehe your walks look like soo much fun!! mm strawberry and nutella, LOVE!

  4. hahaha.. she thinks she is walking the dogs! So cute! Love her smile!

  5. Because I'm lazy and always looking to get out of doing some work... but have you tried tying the dog leash to the front of Kaylee's stroller? I'm wondering if they will pull her along for the ride. I'm picturing the possibility of it being kinda dangerous but with the potential of lots of fun too, hehe.

  6. It's a great feeling getting those household chores done. I love how Kaylee thinks she is walking the dogs. Absolutely adorable.

    I agree that nutella seems to be the best kind of "chocholate" to go with things. Chocolate spread just isn't the same.

  7. Such gorgeous pics - your little girl is SO cute! And strawberries dipped in Nutella? YUM!

    The Other Side of Gray


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