Summer Days

2:27:00 PM

Carnival fun

Harborfest in Norfolk Virginia::Tall ships from all over the world gather on downtown waterfront for annual celebration of nautical heritage.

A perfect summer day is sun is shining bright, gentle cool summer breeze, going to cool concert like Colbie Caillat; simply enjoying the outdoor with your friends and family. Not having anywhere to be and sipping on my mango smoothie by the pool. 

Looking forward to my summer vaca in Minneapolis, South Dakota and California this summer! Happy first week of summer! 

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8 sweet notes

  1. That sounds like a perfect fun weekend!

  2. You guys are such a picture perfect family. You guys are like the people who come inside frames :) Sounds like an amazing weekend!

  3. so awesome you guys saw colbie! love these photos, yvonne. you guys all look sooo happy and beautiful. :)

    enjoy your wknd!

  4. Your family is too beautiful! And I did cut my hair! Thanks for noticing =) this looked like such a fun day!


  5. Love lazy days and summer concerts! That giraffe and K together are so cute!!!!

  6. We have a similar event to Harborfest where I live called "Ships to Shore". Can't wait for the tall ships to arrive at the end of this month!

    Gotta love these summer days!

  7. Aw such cute pics! The concert sounds awesome, and love the big giraffe :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. I love this little girl because is so cute.:*


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