The Bun Hairstyles & Shabby Apple Winner Announced!

10:52:00 AM

I have been wearing the bun hairstyle religiously, it's so chic, elegant looking and easy to do! Top it off with a cute lil bow and your all set. (Yes I am wearing Kaylee's bows)

Here is the tutorial to get the look, I got my bun donut at HM for $4. { source }

You can also get the same look with a sock! { source }

With enough practice, you can easily pull this look off less then 5 minutes! 
Have a wonderful 3 day weekend everyone! 
Congrats to  Michelle Kwon for winning the Shabby Apple giveaway!

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6 sweet notes

  1. I am missing my long hair reading this post =) This is a very chic hair style (especially for those hot summer days). Have a great weekend, Yvonne!

  2. Tks for the tutorial! I want longer hair now too! And gold medal figure skater won your giveaway ;). Awesome!

  3. woohoo! i've been on shabby apple trying to figure out what to get with my winning credit! i'm so excited! thank you for having this contest!

    What do you need from me?

  4. I love the little bow with the bun!

  5. Looks fabulous on you! Love the little bow touch. And thank you for sharing the tutorials...I have a sock bun that I hadn't been able to to figure out. Yay!

  6. This whole summer, I have been just wearing my hair up in a bun! Especially on those hot days when I don't want to fuss with my hair.

    Love the bun with the bow =)


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