Lookbook & New Dog!

9:40:00 AM

Scarf:: Urban Outfitters  // Dress::Nordstorm (gift) // Shoes:: Nine West //  Purse:: Coach
Yay scarf season ♥ 

haha kidding on the new dog, we have 3 dogs already so adding another one would make me go crazy! :) Our friend just got a new puppy and he is soooo adorable! He's so tiny and fluffy! He's a maltipoo.

Our Coco checking our Lucky.

Have a happy monday!!!

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15 sweet notes

  1. I love Kaylee pointing to the new puppy! And that avoidance look by the new puppy when your dog approached, so cute! Yay for scarf weather! Wish I wore mine as nicely as you!

  2. Awwwww so cute! Both the puppy and Kaylee. ^__^

    And you look pretty in the yellow dress! I love how you added the Zebra print scarf to it.

    xo - Sheila

  3. So stinking cute!!!! The dog the baby! Can't stand it!!!

  4. such a CUTEEEEE puppy! jeepers, seriously, so cute :)

  5. jealous of the weather where u are. we are already in coats and boots:( Kelly's so pretty, so sweet!

  6. cute pics! :-) love your bag!


  7. Oh my goodness you look amazing darling... and Baby Kaylee looks so grown up! She's is beautiful.

  8. beautiful as always! i am loving the scarf and your new pup is so so cute! Fits in well with your cute family : )

  9. I'm obsessing over mustard this fall, and I like that dress on you!

    All the K photos in this post are so cute, but my fav is the last one because she is smiling with pure joy :)

  10. Awww.. Love the pics! Kaylee must be so excited.

  11. Ah, so many things to say..

    1. You look beautiful in that mustard dress and that scarf!
    2. This puppy is so tiny and so cute!
    3. Baby K with the tiny puppy is just about the most precious thing ever.
    4. Love K's outfit, as per usual.
    5. That last picture had my smiling. K looks SO happy and the pup is just like "I can't breathe". Haha, love it.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I wear a scarf every day! LOVE.
    And we looked at a puppy just last month and then I chickened out. I love this one!!!

  13. Cute puppies and adorable little girl.

  14. Cute look! Loving your dress! And that puppy is too adorable!!


  15. You look so chic in the monochrome print scarf.

    The puppy looks so innocent and of course the last photo of Kaylee hugging the puppy is just so precious! I could see how gentle she treats animals.


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