Lookbook: Pretty Dots

10:30:00 AM

Dress: Birthday Gift || Belt: HM || Sunglasses: F21 || Purse: Kate Spade || 

Beautiful polka dots dress my beautiful friend gifted me for my birthday; along with other awesome things she sent me. It has been 2 months since I last bought clothes so it was refreshing and exhilarating to wear something new :) (my husband also bought me a dress last week so that doesn't count right? )

I only go to the mall if I need to grab something quick or buy gifts for friends now. I make a list and stick to it. I no longer receive emails that is related to shopping. I work right across the mall so I used to go during my lunch break ALL THE TIME! Now I use that time to work out at a nearby gym.

Here are some questions I ask myself before I buy something: Will I be able to wear this item more then 5-10 times? Is it work and play appropriate. I love dressing up for work but I don't want to spend money on an item that I can't wear outside of work. Do I really really really NEED this? Am I going to pass out if I can't have it, will I be dreaming about it at night. If not, then no I don't need it. I will survive. :)

My question is how do you pursue fashion on a budget? To me fashion is about experimenting and having fun with clothes whether if it's new or old. Happy Thursday! xoxo

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  1. gifts definitely don't count!! What a cute dress, and how nice of your husband to get it for you. I am so impressed that you haven't purchased any clothes for 2 months. Going to the gym during lunch instead of the mall is definitely budget and health friendly! When I am on a tight budget I usually just look at Pinterest and see outfit ideas and compare it to what I already have...or if I do have a slight urge I go to the second hand store

  2. your friend has aaaawesome taste, that dress is so pretty!

  3. You look lovely and love your hair! 2 months is awesome! Ive decided I will not shop until I have worn all my clothes atleast once! Oh and did you force your husband to buy you that dress :P

  4. I love this dress! You look so beautiful!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Such a cute dress! I love the colors of the dots.

  6. The dress is darling! So fun! And could still be worn to work under the right circumstances :). The more I read petite fashion blogs/fashion blogs, the more I realize that a tailored, quality wardrobe is more key than just having lots of stuff. There are definitely items like dress pants and delicate blouses that I wear only for work. But I do appreciate your take on, is this versatile?, before buying. I also don't chase trends and have a hard time parting with my $$ ;). I also really appreciate bloggers like you who are setting a good example for us. It's great to think about each and every purchase the way you have. Tks!

  7. This is such a cute look on you!
    Great questions to ask before purchasing anything! It's always good to be practical about pieces so you don't have tons of things in your closet you only pull to wear once in a while (with the exception of those special occasion looks!). =)

  8. I love the dress on you! So pretty. With the red shoes too. ;)

    I feel the same way about 'fashion' budgeting. I always try to look out for sales or coupon codes online so then I make myself feel better than I saved this $$ amount. haha... but I do ask myself the same question.. do I really NEED this and will I wear it more than 5 times.. It's hard. :(

    xo - Sheila


  9. You look so beautiful. I adore that dress. The polka dots are darling and I love those red shoes and handbag.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  10. Cute dress. You seem toto be doing real goodaYvonne. Once you get in a habit of not buying all the time, it becomes so natural to think through each and every purchase. I find that i also have lost interest in many fashion blogs since it no longer fits my lifestyle and read more of those blogs which are budget oriented.

  11. Love the polka dots! You look so pretty!
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  12. love the dress! ?to answer your question about budgeting, i agree with every principle you outlined. and starting recently, i started staying away from disposable fashion stores like hm f21or oldnavy. and save the money i would have spent to buy 5pieces from f21 to buy one classic piece from jcrew for instance that i can wear for years to come.i am thankful of them for providing young girls affordable fashion but overall i think the quality and style of those stores don't stand the test of time and when i try to weed out them, i feel so wasteful.

  13. oh how i adore dotted anything! and Yvonne, that dress of yours is too awesome!!! what a great b-day gift. that friend of yours is a keeper, she's got your style down pat. fab choice, love it and you look incredible lades!!! ♥

  14. lovely photos~


  15. This dress is the cutest...you look so fabulous!

    The Other Side of Gray


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