My Little Baby

11:09:00 AM

Kaylee just turned 28 months over weekend, meaning it's time to start thinking about potty training! eek! (when do people stop saying months and go straight to 2  years and 4 months :) I have a feeling that this little sweet baby is not going to be so sweet when it comes to potty training.  She hasn't shown any signs that she is ready but  this momma is really hoping she will show it soon... no more diapers please!

I have been really busy with work and photo shoots lately but excited to share some of my work on the blog. This July 4th,  Kaylee and I will be taking a trip back home to South Dakota and Minneapolis to visit friends and family so more photos of family to come. Have a great week and thanks so much for visiting!

Congrats to J. ma Cao on winning the ipad app!

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9 sweet notes

  1. Aw, she is such a sweetheart - beautiful photos!! xxx

  2. Baby K is too cute. Have a wonderful time with your family and happy Fourth of July.

  3. omg omg omg! Soooooo adorable! Happy Birthday to her!


  4. She's showing a little sass ;). Cutie pie with the pigtails! For potty training, even if she hasn't shown "the signs" of being interested doesn't mean she's not ready. If you think she's ready, then go for it. With our son (who's almost 3), he showed NO interest and even said "no" when we asked him to use the potty. Nevertheless, we just knew he would "get it" if we used the "go right to underwear" method. The boy wet his pants 2x one day and hasn't wet them since. He is in underwear all day and only Pull Ups during naps and bedtime. Even then, he stays dry during naps and wakes up once or twice a night to use the potty. Dry Pull Ups. I almost feel guilty "wasting" so many Pull Ups ;).

  5. your kaylee is so sweet and gorgeous! good luck with potty training, and have a wonderful july 4th holiday!

  6. time flies! Every person I know that has a baby suddenly has a toddler overnight! Where does the time go? It's crazy fast!!
    Darling photos of your precious girl!

  7. She is as cute as always. Those pig tails look adorable and suit her little face, like a cute Asian doll. Hope you have been doibg great Yvonne. Miss seeing your post.

  8. I remember her baby photos and now she is a little miss! She is adorable and its so fun to see her grow!

  9. She looks so adorable on that dress! I also love how you were fixing her hair, lovely pictures :)
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