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I can not believe it has been exactly one month since our family closed on our new place. Since then, we have painted our house and moved everything from my brother's house to our new home. They generously let us stay with them while we were looking for a house. I am very proud of us for having done a lot to the house within one month of living there. I am very exciting that we have more space in this new home, that gives me more room to expand my creativity. I was on Pinterest (here is my home board) or on Houzz everyday looking for bright ideas and inspiration. For me personally it a great feeling to have a clean slate to work from and a blank canvas to let my imagination go free.

Here is a glimpse of the decorations.

The paint colors for Den is SW 7016 Mindful Gray and family room is SW 7663 Monorail Silver
Chairs from Target
Pillows Ikea

Beautiful orchids my girlfriend sent me on closing day.
The den aka my office on the right side when you first walk into our house. Right it is Kaylee's new favorite spot to hang out.

Love having fresh flowers and plants at home




Did you know: The picture of Kaylee and the dogs have over 700 pins on pinterest! Crazy!





My husband let me go freely on decorating, all he cares about is things being functional and comfort. The only spurge was this Gus Modern Jane Bi-Sectional. I'm obsessed with it! With 3 dogs and a baby, this was my favorite purchase in the whole house!


Kaylee absolutely love our new home. I did a fun photoshoot of her yesterday and can't wait to share more photos of her on the blog. She is growing way too fast that it's making me sad. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you like the tour of our home. 

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8 sweet notes

  1. Wow, you have done so much! It looks so beautiful and inviting and clean and modern. I love that print (my first time seeing it, and I just re-pinned it :)). Can't wait to see the new photos!

  2. the details of your home! So wonderful. Yay to your new home!

  3. Awww such a beautiful home! Wow! You've moved in and decorated quick! Our one year on our house is coming up and I've done squat! Well, I did furniture shopping and pretty much got everything we need.. but as for decorating like pictures and other stuff.. it's been slow. haha... I know my husband is anxious on getting our wedding photos up on the walls but I've been picky on where to put them.. so it'll be a weekend project!

    xo - Sheila

  4. your new home is BEAUTIFUL! love all the personal touches that really speak to your style...lively, fun, and comfy! kaylee is so much bigger now than when i last saw pictures of her. she is beautifuL!!

  5. I love your decorating style! Everything looks fresh and inviting! And I'm amazed that you did all that in a month!! Would love to see more whole room pictures. And of course, more pictures of cute Ms. Kaylee!

  6. I have always loved your decoration ideas, they are modern, refreshing and chic. I am glad to see what you have done with your new space and look at all the natural light (i am not a fan of dark home). It is gorgeous, love the pop of fresh colors and little Kaylee is just so precious. She always look like a dollm

  7. So simply elegant! And Kaylee has gotten so big! She is just adorable.

  8. OMG Yvonne! You've started blogging again!!! I'm soooooooooooo happy. It's a revival of another blogger friend's blog! Hurray! *pops champagne and party popper*

    I love your house. You are really creative and have an eye for detail. Really really love ow clean and sleek your whole house look with personal touches of framed photos. Could I hire you to design my new home? Hehehe...

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière
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