Baby Bump!

2:02:00 PM

Can't believe that I'll be 34 weeks this coming Saturday. That's 8.5 months so we will be meeting our lil angel pretty soon! I have gained about 30 lbs! O_o but it's a good thing, baby needs a lot of good nutrients in there.

Here I am at 24 Weeks

Can you believe that I have NOT bought any maternity clothes yet?? Just been wearing and buying a lot of comfortable clothes and wearing hubby sweat pants at home. =)

btw last week I did some baby prints for the nursery, here it is printed! Matching nicely with the bedding sheets from Target. I'm so excited to hang them up!

I know I am probably not the only one that didn't buy any maternity clothes throughout their pregnancy, anyone did the same?

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10 sweet notes

  1. You look absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. Gorgeous my dear! You look fantastic!


  3. You're a stunner! really beautiful! You should consider getting pregnant in the near future again ;) you're a natural!

    I didn't buy anything from a maternity store. Not one maternity clothing item ever. In four pregnancies! Just buying things two sizes up and then saving them from one pregnancy to another ;). Turns out that when I was pregnant, we weren't really investing in clothing for moi :D . Which ,again, is perfectly fine since I'm expanding and shrinking for about a year and a half.

    Can't wait to see your lil'one! Bet she'll be a stunner just like her momma!

  4. aw thanks guys!!!


    yeah we definitely want to have at least 3 kids..or maybe 2..but let see how the labor is first haha

    yeah i also have been buying things a bit bigger too just so i can wear after the baby is born :)

  5. that's the spirit!

    Crossing fingers for you two there! Hope you'll have a quick birth. coz it'll hurt either way, so there's no need to fancy on that too much ;) The most important thing to remember is : one - you can't go back from that point on; and two - it'll end one way or the other and it won't be long til then. And then, when you'll finally get to hold your baby in your arms, it's all gone. All the pain, everything. (and it's a physical thing, you know? the moment the baby is out, the brain synthesizes this enzyme or hormone or whatever that physically erases the pain memory from your just ended labor! It's magical!)

  6. You are most definitely THE cutest pregnant lady I've ever seen. Your outfits are adorable. And those framed prints are wonderful!! Ah, what a lucky little girl!

  7. What an exciting time! :) You look amazing!!! What a beautiful mommy! :D Btw I adore your pups! :) I just got a baby yorkie for my sis and been obsessed with this breed ever since... :D

    P.S: I think you'd love the "I {heart} MY BLOG" tote that I'm giving away!!!

  8. ah! soo, sooo exciting. congrats, pretty lady. xo

  9. yipeeeeeee! baby girl hooray! are insanely cute with all your pregger outfits! hot mama! you go girl!

  10. ahhh i LOVE this post sweetie!! i loved seeing your belly progression and that's awesome you never had to buy maternity clothes!! good luck w/ your pregnancy and i can't wait to see your baby girl!!!


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