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I have been taking pictures of Kaylee weekly to see her growing process until she's a year. You probably think, why is she taking so many pictures of her baby girl, well here is the backstory: I don't even know what I look like when I was a baby. I have 1 photo of me but the quality is so bad that you cant really tell who I look like and no I am not adopted :D I was born in Vietnam and a lot of my baby pictures were lost during the Vietnam War..so as a mother, I know they grow up so fast and I want to be able to capture that each week and for her to look back when she's older.

Here are some photos from her photoshoot with DCPG Photography when she was 10 days old.

You can see more from the photoshoot and behind the scene photos here
This one is still my favorite with her our expedit bookshelve

Here is week 6, week 5, week 4, week 3, week 2, week 1

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7 sweet notes

  1. She is such a sweet little baby...so precious. When she is older, she will forever thank you for capturing these beautiful moments. They grow and change so fast, aren't they? Baby year does NOT last long at all, enjoy every second of it :)

    My daughter is 2 years old now and I probably have a thousand pic and some short video clips of her. I love looking at them. I started making her baby book a while back but still haven't gone back to finish it, shame on me.

  2. I still havent started on my scrapbook yet..shame on me! :D

  3. aww, I think it's fantastic that you are taking weekly pictures that is SO wonderful! And the pictures are just gorgeous. Kaylee is such a cutie pie!! xx veronika

  4. Wow! A baby scrapbook is just a great idea! The thing is you sometimes forget about it.. I started one for our eldest and forgot about it.. Then started one for our second boy and forgot about it too... One for our little girl and .. well, needless to say, to spare me the guilt of forgetting about it, I didn't start one for our baby boy. I'm thinking about dipping their hands and feet in paint and asking them to work a bit of art on paper and frame it and hang it somewhere around the house. I'm sure they'll love it when they'd be all grown up!

    BTW - I'm loving Kaylee in the Expedit! She's so peaceful and beautiful!

  5. Kpriss I think it's a great idea to have them do an artwork, frame it and hang it up. I will probably have Kaylee do that when she's older.

  6. There is a baby in the bookcase!!


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