1st Birthday Part II:: Behind Kaylee's Shoot

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Before Kaylee's birthday party, we had Kaylee's newborn photographer, DCPG Photography and Design came and shot Kaylee's 1st birthday. I couldn't help but took some behind the scenes photos to share with everyone. I had to wake Kaylee up from a nap so she wasn't all that happy when we first started the shoot. Luckily she warmed up pretty quickly after Cies's daughter let her borrow her toy to play on the chair. 

Cies and with her cute little personal assistant, future photographer for the DCPG :D

Here is the result! They did an amazing job and I can't stop looking at them! Her eyes really sparkles in these photos! 

She is just too adorable even when she is crying! Good thing mommy had iphone handy, she was all giggles again.

Before the shoot, they took some beautiful photos of the decorations here. The photos look like they are straight out of a magazine! You can view other behind the scenes photos from all of Kaylee's photoshoot here! Thank you Cies for all the beautiful photos you captured for us,  from newborn to 1 year!  It has been wonderful baby step journey! Hopefully we will work together again in the future and thanks for working around my crazy ideas on each shoot! haha! Don't forget to check out their blog to see more of their work

Here are some of my favorite photos of Kaylee from the baby step plan!
Newborn (10 days) shoot

3 Months photoshoot

6 Months photoshoot

I cant believe my little baby is now a toddler! It has been a wonderful first year and we are extremely blessed to have her in our life. Thanks for visiting and letting me share overload photos of Kaylee. Have a wonderful Monday! 

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21 sweet notes

  1. Que niña tan bonita !!!
    Un besazo .

  2. I loved seeing all the behind the scenes photos of her birthday! She is such a beautiful birthday girl:) Thanks for sharing them with us!

  3. OMG! I love her big eyes. She is too adorable. I can see that she is changing. Soon she won't be a baby anymore =)

  4. kaylee is such a pretty little girl!! her face is so bright and happy :)!!

  5. Kaylee is so darling. Her eyes are just so bright and gorgeous! Yvonne, will you throw me a birthday party too?? :)

  6. Beautiful memories to keep forever! Lovely images and Kaylee is adorable smiling or crying. What a lucky girl to have a mom like you :) capturing every moment and celebrating with such a wonderful birthday!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  7. What awesome behind the scenes picture. You can just see what a big girl she is now. Precious!

  8. Aww, happy birthday to Kaylee! She is so beautiful - love her gorgeous, big eyes!

    There's something magical about the iPhone. My little boy and girl love it. It can calm them down when nothing else does :)

  9. Beautiful photos. DCPG Photography and Design did an awesome job. Kaylee is too adorable. She is growing up to be such a beautiful girl just like her mommy. =)

  10. I love the result and the series! Just adorable.

  11. Awww, Kaylee is so precious! The photo where she was about to cry made me giggle :D Crying or laughing, she's just adorable :)

  12. She's absolutely precious... even when crying!

  13. the pictures are just AMAZING!!! wow!


  14. Absolutely adorable!! She is a gorgeous little girl! She has teeth now yay :-)

  15. yvonne! these are the most precious pics! kaylee's newborn photographer is amazing! great capturing of your precious kaylee! kaylee is a living doll, and you guys did an amazing job with her party.

    hope you have a great day!


  16. Yvonne, it's been a pleasure photographing your sweet Kaylee this past year! I miss all my Baby Steps kids after the last shoot, I'm thinking of creating some sort of yearly portrait program - I'll let you know :) Thank you again for all the awesome behind the scenes photos and blog posts, we love it!! - Cies | DCPG

  17. Kaylee is so adorable!! I love all the photos so beautiful! :) And also love your blog and following on bloglovin!! :)

    <3 Kelly

  18. watching kaylee grow on your blog has been amazing. she's a beautiful baby girl and she's just growing into a lovely young girl now! I love the whole chair idea that by far has been the best ever!

  19. Great pics and She is so adorable...HUGS !!

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